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02 Nov 2009

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What is MegaWave2 ?

MegaWave2 is a free software intended for image processing. It is made of
  • a C library of modules, that contains original algorithms written by researchers;
  • a Unix/Linux package designed for the fast developpement of new image processing algorithms.

The software is maintained and updated by Jacques Froment (kernel) and Lionel Moisan (modules), in collaboration with Jean-Michel Morel's team at CMLA, and benefits from the contribution of several other researchers.

Follow the link to have a more detailed Presentation or on-line access to MegaWave2 Manuals (Stuff & Links page).

MegaWave is associated with the CIEL website (online code deposit)

To ask questions, report bugs or installation problems, propose improvements, etc., please go to

What's new ?

3 March 2009
    The MegaWave demo page has been launched, you can try it here

11 Jan. 2008
    The forum has been reactivated (sorry, we had to shut it down for several weeks because of local web and machine upgrades).

24 June 2007
    Major MegaWave2 upgrade (3.01) with the light preprocessor (compatible with recent Linux distributions). See Download page.

4 Nov. 2004
    MegaWave2 upgrade (2.31a) compatible with Linux Mandrake 10.0, see Download page.

1st June 2004
    New 2.30 MegaWave2 release avaliable on Download page.

16 April 2003
    New 2.20 MegaWave2 release avaliable on Download page.

12 Feb. 2002
    The new release (2.10) of MegaWave2 is now available. See Download page.

1 Oct. 2001
    The new versions of Linux seem to create several installation problems for MegaWave2. We are currently working on them. We hope we'll soon be able to distribute the new release of MegaWave2 (with a lot of new stuff).

27 Mar. 2001
    Now available on the Stuff & Links page, a patched version of John Bradley's XV shareware that recognizes MegaWave2 specific image files.

27 Nov. 2000
    This new web site, including the on-line MegaWave Forum, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, and a Stuff & Links page including on-line access to MegaWave2 Manuals.

11 Oct. 2000
    How to use a Phillips USB Webcam (e.g. PCVC680K Vesta Pro) with MegaWave2 (Linux) ? See Stuff & Links page.

4 Feb. 2000
    Now available, MegaWave2 version 2.00 offers a lot of new features : no more registration form to send, source of the kernel (libraries) available, lot of new research modules and all former modules updated, PC Linux architecture available, ... See CHANGES in the Download page.