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Jacques Froment Lionel Moisan Jean-Michel Morel
Jacques Froment Lionel Moisan Jean-Michel Morel

MegaWave2 is a free Unix/Linux package made of
  1. a library of image processing modules, that contains, in addition to classical tools, original algorithms written by researchers to conduct the experiments reported in theirs articles. In this way, it contributes to the reproducibility of research.

  2. a C preprocessor and a system library, that allows easy and fast development of new modules : only the algorithms have to be implemented, then the inputs/outputs are automatically handled by the preprocessor, and a documentation (module syntax) is generated as well.
Created in 1993 by Jacques Froment at the CEREMADE, University of Paris 9 Dauphine, it is now supported by the CMLA, a laboratory of mathematics of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. The software is maintained and updated by Jacques Froment (system) and Lionel Moisan (library), and receives contributions from several other researchers, most of them close collaborators of Jean-Michel Morel (see below a list of contributions to version 3.01).

Contributions to version 3.01

Andres Almansa
Chiaa Babya
Toni Buades
Fréderic Cao
Vicent Caselles
Antonin Chambolle
Guillaume Charpiat
Thierry Cohignac
Bartomeu Coll
Jean-Pierre D'Alès
Françoise Dibos
Vincent Feuvrier
Jacques Froment
Fréderic Guichard
Yann Guyonvarc'h
Jinhai Yan
Claire Jonchery
Georges Koepfler
Said Ladjal
Kamal Lakhiari
José-Luis Lisani
François Malgouyres
Simon Masnou
Lionel Moisan
Pascal Monasse
Pablo Musé
Denis Pasquignon
Florent Ranchin
Amandine Robin
Olivia Sanchez
Catalina Sbert
Frédéric Sur

We distribute MegaWave2 freely, with full source codes available both for library modules and the kernel (preprocessor). The idea is to develop a kind of "soft-publication", in which algorithms can be checked, improved and used by all for research, teaching purposes or specific applications. In return, we ask users to mention MegaWave2 in all products (including computer programs and scientific papers) taking advantage of it, and to inform us when it is used in the execution of a public or private contract. Please take a look at MegaWave2

MegaWave2 User's Guide : Introduction (all MegaWave2 Manuals can be accessed on the Stuff & Links page).

An example of a module written for MegaWave2

Below is an example of a simple module, that rotates a float image using a bilinear interpolation. As you can see, the main part of the program is devoted to the algorithm : only a short header describes the inputs/outputs of the module and only one line handles memory allocations.

/*--------------------------- Commande MegaWave -----------------------------*/
/* mwcommand
   name = {frot};
   version = {"1.0"};
   author = {"Lionel Moisan"};
   function = {"Rotate a Fimage using bilinear interpolation"};
   usage = {            
 'a':[a=0.0]->a  "rotation angle (in degrees, counterclockwise, default 0.0)",
 'b':[b=0.0]->b  "background grey value (default: 0.0)",
 'k'->k_flag     "to keep original input image size (keep center position)",
 in->in          "input Fimage",
 out<-out        "output Fimage"

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "mw.h"

void bound(x,y,ca,sa,xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax)
int x,y;
float ca,sa;
int *xmin,*xmax,*ymin,*ymax;
    int rx,ry;

    rx = (int)floor(ca*(float)x+sa*(float)y);
    ry = (int)floor(-sa*(float)x+ca*(float)y);
    if (rx<*xmin) *xmin=rx; if (rx>*xmax) *xmax=rx;
    if (ry<*ymin) *ymin=ry; if (ry>*ymax) *ymax=ry;

/* NB : calling this module with out=in is nonsense */

void frot(in,out,a,b,k_flag)
Fimage in,out;
float  *a,*b;
char *k_flag;
    int    nx,ny,x,y,x1,y1,adr;
    float  ca,sa,xp,yp,a11,a12,a21,a22,ux,uy,xtrans,ytrans;
    int    tx1,ty1,tx2,ty2,xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,sx,sy;

    nx = in->ncol;
    ny = in->nrow;
    ca = (float)cos((double)(*a)*M_PI/180.0);
    sa = (float)sin((double)(*a)*M_PI/180.0);

    /********** Compute new image location **********/
    if (k_flag) {
      /* crop image and fix center */
      xmin = ymin = 0;
      xmax = nx-1;
      ymax = ny-1;
      xtrans = 0.5*( (float)(nx-1)*(1.0-ca)+(float)(ny-1)*sa );
      ytrans = 0.5*( (float)(ny-1)*(1.0-ca)-(float)(nx-1)*sa );
    } else {
      /* extend image size to include the whole input image */
      xmin = xmax = ymin = ymax = 0;
      xtrans = ytrans = 0.0;
    sx = xmax-xmin+1;
    sy = ymax-ymin+1;
    out = mw_change_fimage(out,sy,sx);
    if (!out) mwerror(FATAL,1,"not enough memory\n");
    /********** Rotate image **********/
    for (x=xmin;x<=xmax;x++) 
      for (y=ymin;y<=ymax;y++) {
	  xp = ca*(float)x-sa*(float)y + xtrans;
	  yp = sa*(float)x+ca*(float)y + ytrans;
	  x1 = (int)floor(xp); 
	  y1 = (int)floor(yp); 
	  ux = xp-(float)x1;
	  uy = yp-(float)y1;
	  adr = y1*nx+x1;
	  tx1 = (x1>=0 && x1<nx);
	  tx2 = (x1+1>=0 && x1+1<nx);
	  ty1 = (y1>=0 && y1<ny);
	  ty2 = (y1+1>=0 && y1+1<ny);
	  a11 = (tx1 && ty1? in->gray[adr]:*b);
	  a12 = (tx1 && ty2? in->gray[adr+nx]:*b);
	  a21 = (tx2 && ty1? in->gray[adr+1]:*b);
	  a22 = (tx2 && ty2? in->gray[adr+nx+1]:*b);
	  out->gray[(y-ymin)*sx+x-xmin] = 

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