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02 Nov 2009
 The Official MegaWave2 V2.30 Manuals 
    If you already have installed MegaWave2, you don't need to download these manuals : they are included in all MegaWave2 packages and you can access them directly with the command mwdoc (e.g. type mwdoc 1 to view volume 1).

If you want to use a  Phillips USB Webcam  with MegaWave2 (Linux), click here

 Patched version of XV (version 3.10a)  that can read and write MegaWave2 specific image files
    Please do not forget to read this file, containing in particular XV Licensing Information. To install the patched xv, we propose 3 solutions :
  • solution 1 (quickest): get the patched xv binary file for Linux Redhat ix86 or for Sun Solaris, and put it in place of your current xv binary (type 'which xv' to know where it is). Do not forget to save the old xv binary first just in case...
  • solution 2 (safest): get the full patched xv sources (old version here) (3.1 Mb), and compile them on your system.
  • solution 3 (lightest): apply this patch (0.1 Mb) to your version of xv sources and recompile xv. You can get the latest xv sources via anonymous ftp on ftp.cis.upenn.edu, in the directory pub/xv, or you can go to http://www.trilon.com/xv.

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