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Document a macro

The documentation of a macro follows the same rules as the ones for modules. Therefore, for each new user's macro, you must write a description file $MEGAWAVE2/doc/src/MACRO.tex (for a public macro, administrator only), or $MY_MEGAWAVE2/doc/src/MACRO.tex (for a private macro), MACRO being the name of the macro located in a subdirectory of $MEGAWAVE2/src/ (or of $MY_MEGAWAVE2/src/). In this file, you put in LATEX the part which corresponds to the Description field of the documentation.

The difference between macros and modules is that macros do not need really need a compilation, and therefore you may call a specific command to generate the document skeleton
$MEGAWAVE2/doc/obj/MACRO.doc (or $MY_MEGAWAVE2/doc/obj/MACRO.doc), which is the macro cmw2macro (see section 5.1). Since MegaWave2 Versions 2.x, cmw2 will also perform this task if its argument is a user's macro.

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