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The structure Cimage

Beginners should only focus on the first three fields of this structure. You should also consider the fields previous and next if your image is part of a movie. Some fields are not used this time, such firstcol ...lastrow, but future modules may access to them.

typedef struct cimage {
  int nrow;        /* Number of rows (dy) */
  int ncol;        /* Number of columns (dx) */
  unsigned char *gray;     /* The Gray level plane (may be NULL) */

  float scale;     /* Scale of the picture (should be 1 for original pict.) */
  char cmt[mw_cmtsize]; /* Comments */
  char name[mw_namesize]; /* Name of the image */
  /* Defines the signifiant part of the picture : */
  int firstcol;    /* index of the first col not affected by left side effect*/
  int lastcol;     /* index of the last col not affected by right side effect*/
  int firstrow;    /* index of the first row not aff. by upper side effect */  
  int lastrow;     /* index of the last row not aff. by lower side effect */  

  /* For use in Movies only */
  struct cimage *previous; /* Pointer to the previous image (may be NULL) */
  struct cimage *next; /* Pointer to the next image (may be NULL) */

} *Cimage;

Do not change by yourself the content of nrow and ncol: the size of the image has to be modified using functions of the library only (see section 2.1.3 page [*]).

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