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Morpho set

We call morpho set any connected component of set of the form {x : $ \lambda_{1}^{}$ $ \leq$ u(x) $ \leq$ $ \lambda_{2}^{}$}, this set being noted in short by [$ \lambda_{1}^{}$ $ \leq$ u $ \leq$ $ \lambda_{2}^{}$]. Notice that for $ \lambda_{1}^{}$ = - $ \infty$ we get a lower level set and for $ \lambda_{2}^{}$ = + $ \infty$ an upper level set. In the case $ \lambda_{1}^{}$ = $ \lambda_{2}^{}$ the morpho set will be called iso set. The structure Morpho_set can be used to handle such morpho set. A Morpho_set is given by a list of horizontal segments (See Section 7.4), where levels $ \lambda_{1}^{}$ and $ \lambda_{2}^{}$ are recorded. Some additional information can be recorded, such as the neighbor morpho sets. Please notice that some fields are likely to change in the future.


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