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The structure Morpho_set

This is the C definition of the structure Morpho_set:

typedef struct morpho_set {
  unsigned int num;      /* Morpho set number (range in the Morpho_sets struct.) */
  Hsegment first_segment; /* Pointer to the first segment of the morpho set */
  Hsegment last_segment;  /* Pointer to the last segment of the morpho set */  
  float minvalue;        /* Minimum gray level value of this set */
  float maxvalue;        /* Maximum gray level value of this set */
  unsigned char stated;  /* 1 if this m.s. has already been stated, 0 otherwise */
  int area;              /* Area of the set (number of pixels belonging to this set) */
  struct morpho_sets *neighbor; /* Pointer to a chain of neighbor morpho sets (may be NULL)*/
} *Morpho_set;

mw 2004-05-05