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The structure Flists

A Flists structure is an array of Flist not necessary of the same size. As for the Flist structure, the Flists structure contains a data field that can be used to record any additional information (when no information is available, it is set to NULL). The size of the space pointed by data is set in data_size.

typedef struct flists {
  char cmt[mw_cmtsize];     /* Comments */
  char name[mw_namesize];   /* Name */
  int size;          /* size (number of lists) */
  int max_size;      /* currently allocated size (maximum number of lists) */
  Flist *list;       /* array of Flist */
  int data_size;     /* size of data[] in bytes */
  void* data;        /* User defined field (saved). A pointer to something */
} *Flists;

mw 2004-05-05