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$ \bigcirc$Name

cextcenter Copy the center part of a cimage into another image

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

cextcenter [-f Fact] OriginalImage CopyImage

-f Fact : Factor (default:16)

OriginalImage : Input Cimage

CopyImage : Output center part of the input

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

Cimage cextcenter (Fact , Image )

int *Fact ;

Cimage Image ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

This module extracts the center part of a char image so that the resulting size is divisible by the factor Fact.

$ \bigcirc$Version 1.00

Last Modification date : Thu Nov 29 20:23:56 2001

$ \bigcirc$Author

Jean-Pierre D'Ales

mw 2004-05-05