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$ \bigcirc$Name

llview Interactive visualization of level lines

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

llview [-z z] [-l l] [-s s] [-d d] [-i i] [-b b] [-o out] [-n] in

-z z : zoom factor for display (default : 2.0)

-l l : current level (default 100)

-s s : level step (default 25)

-d d : display mode (default 2)

-i i : interpolation mode (default 1)

-b b : background mode (default 0)

-o out : to save the last view as a Ccimage

-n : no display (useful with -o option)

in : input (Fimage)

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

void llview (in , z , s , l , d , i , b , out , n )

Fimage in ;

float *z ;

int *s , *l , *d , *i , *b ;

Ccimage *out ;

char *n ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

This module allows to visualize the level lines and the level sets of the input image. This image can be a Fimage, but this module only handles level lines corresponding to integer values. It is designed to be used interactively (with a control window), but the parameters can be preset with the module options.

-d option (display mode) :

0: no level structure displayed

1: level lines for all levels $ \lambda$ such that $ \lambda$ = l    mod(s)

2: level lines for one level only ($ \lambda$ = l)

3: lower level set, that is {x;  u(x) < l}

3: upper level set, that is {x;  u(x) $ \geq$ l}

4: bi-level set, that is {x;  l $ \leq$ u(x) < l + s}

-b option (background mode) :

0: original image

1: attenuated image (grey levels rescaled between 64 and 255)

2. no background

-i option (interpolation mode) : see fcrop module

0: nearest-neighbor interpolation (level lines surround squares)

1: bilinear interpolation (level lines are piecewise hyperboles)

2: interpolation with bicubic Keys' function

3: cubic spline interpolation

4: spline interpolation (order 5)

5: spline interpolation (order 7)

The -z option sets the size of the display window by multiplying by the specified factor the size of the original image. This factor cannot be set interactively. The -l and -s options set the current level and the level step. They can also be set interactively using the bars and buttons in the control window. In the display window, the following events are handled:

left mouse button: set current level to the value present at mouse location

middle mouse button: restore the original display region

right mouse button: zoom by a factor 2 (center at mouse position)

keys 'u' and 'U': unzoom by a factor 2

keys 'q' and 'Q': quit

The -o option permits to save the last display in a Ccimage. It can be combined with the -n option (no display) to use llview as a non-interactive module.

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$ \bigcirc$Version 2.2

Last Modification date : Fri Jan 25 16:04:10 2002

$ \bigcirc$Author

Lionel Moisan

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