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$ \bigcirc$Name

fdiff Computes the difference between pixel's gray-levels of two fimages

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

fdiff [-a] A B O

-a : flag to compute the absolute difference

A : input fimage A

B : input fimage B

O : output O=A-B

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

void fdiff (absd , A , B , O )

char *absd ;

Fimage A , B , O ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

This module computes the pixel by pixel difference between two floating point images A and B. Use the option -a to compute the absolute difference.

$ \bigcirc$Version 1.00

Last Modification date : Thu Nov 29 20:23:56 2001

$ \bigcirc$Author

Jacques Froment

mw 2004-05-05