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$ \bigcirc$Name

sdirac Create a Dirac fsignal

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

sdirac [-s size] [-a amplitude] dirac

-s size : number of samples in the signal (default:512)

-a amplitude : amplitude (default:1)

dirac : output fsignal

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

void sdirac (size , A , signal )

int *size ;

float *A ;

Fsignal signal ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

This function returns the discrete Dirac signal (or Delta function) of the given amplitude. The length of the signal is given by size, and the peak is put in the middle of the signal.

$ \bigcirc$Version 1.0

Last Modification date : Thu Nov 29 20:23:56 2001

$ \bigcirc$Author

Jacques Froment

mw 2004-05-05