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$ \bigcirc$Name

ibiowave2 Reconstructs an image from a biorthogonal wavelet transform

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

ibiowave2 [-r NLevel] [-h HaarNLevel] [-e EdgeMode] [-n FilterNorm] WavTrans RecompImage ImpulseResponse1 ImpulseResponse2

-r NLevel : Start reconstruction from level NLevel (default 0)

-h HaarNLevel : Start reconstruction with Haar filter from level HaarNLevel down to level NLevel + 1

-e EdgeMode : Edge processing mode (0/1/2, default 2)

-n FilterNorm : Normalization mode for filter bank (0/1/2, default 0)

WavTrans : Input wavelet transform (wtrans2d)

RecompImage : Output reconstructed image (fimage)

ImpulseResponse1 : Impulse response of filter 1 (fsignal)

ImpulseResponse2 : Impulse response of filter 2 (fsignal)

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

void ibiowave2 (NumRec , Haar , Edge , FilterNorm , Wtrans , Output , Ri1 , Ri2 )

int *NumRec ;

int *Haar ;

int *Edge ;

int *FilterNorm ;

Wtrans2d Wtrans ;

Fimage Output ;

Fsignal Ri1 , Ri2 ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

ibiowave2 reconstructs an image from a sequence of sub-images forming a wavelet decomposition, using filter banks associated to biorthogonal bases of wavelets (see [CDF92]). The notations that are used here have been already defined for owave1, biowave1, and biowave2, so the reader is refered to the documentation of these modules to see their signification.

WavTrans is the prefix name of a sequence of files containing the coefficients of a wavelet decomposition D11, D12,..., D1J, D21,...D2J, D31,..., D3J, AJ. ibiowave2 computes A0, i.e. the inverse wavelet transform of WavTrans.

The algorithm has the same 2D structure as the one implemented in iowave2. The difference lies in the fact that at each step, a biortogonal 1D inverse transform is applied to the lines and columns of average and detail sub-images instead of an orthogonal one.

The edge processing modes are the same as those of ibiowave1.

The complexity of the algorithm is roughly the same as for biowave2.

The name of the files containing the sub-signals D11, D12,..., D1J, D21,...D2J, D31,..., D3J, AJ must have the same prefix and their syntax obeys the rules described in owave2. The sample values of the reconstructed signal are stored in the file RecompImage.

The coefficients (hk) and ($ \tilde{{h}}_{{k}}^{}$) of the filter's impulse responses are read in the file ImpulseResponse1 and ImpulseResponse2.

These options should be tuned in the same way as they were for the decomposition (with the owave2 module).

$ \bigcirc$See Also


fezw, fiezw, fwivq, fwvq.

$ \bigcirc$Version 1.4

Last Modification date : Thu Jan 31 15:10:50 2002

$ \bigcirc$Author

Jean-Pierre D'Ales

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