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$ \bigcirc$Name

fkview Interactive view of curves (Flists)

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

fkview [-x pos_x] [-y pos_y] [-X size_x] [-Y size_y] [-r ref] [-b bg] [-i i] [-a] [-s] [-e] [-d d] [-g g] [-c c] [-C C] [-o out] [-k curve] [-n] in

-x pos_x : position of upleft window corner (x), default 50

-y pos_y : position of upleft window corner (y), default 50

-X size_x : window size (x), default 800

-Y size_y : window size (y), default 600

-r ref : use ref to set the scaling

-b bg : use background image bg

-i i : interpolation order for bg (0,1,3,-3..-11, default 1)

-a : performs affine scaling to fit both image dimensions

-s : symmetrize y axis (origin is bottomleft)

-e : to mark extremal points

-d d : display mode: 1=points, 2=lines (default), 3=both

-g g : grid mode: 0=none .. 4=full (default 2 or 0 (if bg))

-c c : display color (RGB, 1 decimal digit per channel)

-C C : display color for ref (idem, default is no display)

-o out : to save the last view as a Ccimage

-k curve : to save the selected curve as a Flist

-n : no display (useful with -o option)

in : input curves (Flists)

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

void fkview (in , out , sx , sy , ref , bg , i , a , s , e , d , g , c , C , n , window , x_0 , y_0 , curve )

int *x_0 , *y_0 , *sx , *sy , *d , *c , *C , *i , *g ;

Flists in , ref ;

char *window , *n , *a , *s , *e ;

Ccimage *out ;

Fimage bg ;

Flist *curve ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

This module is designed to allow an interactive visualization of curves. The requested input is a Flists structure, but thanks to MegaWave2 automatic format conversions, all kinds of curves (Fcurve, Curve, Curves, Polygon, Flist, Dlist(s), ...) can be used as input in a shell call. The visualization window has a default size of 800×600, but it can be changed using the -x and -y options. A background image (-b option) can also be specified (this may be useful when the curves to visualize are related to the geometry of this image for example).

Unless the -a option is used, the x/y ratio is preserved between the region displayed and its corresponding part on the screen. If the -a option is specified, the zoom factor may differ in the x and in the y direction, yielding an affine scaling. The -s option places origin in the downleft corner of the window (instead of upleft). The display style is set by the -d option : the curves can be drawn as isolated points (d = 1), as lines (d = 2, the default) or as lines plus points (d = 3). The endpoints of the curves can also be marked using the -e option. A particular curve can be selected with the mouse left button. It will appear in red. The 'a' and PageUp/Down keys allow to view the curves separately. With the 'm' key, curve evolutions can be easily visualized.

A reference curve can be used to set the display window (it is useful to visualize at the same scale the successive evolutions of a given curve). If the -C option is specified, this reference curve will be displayed in the specified color (3 decimal digits RGB color: 0 is black, 999 is white, 900 is full red, etc.).

The -o option allows to save the last visualized image as a Ccimage; it can be combined with the -n option (that prevents the display) to bitmap the curves in a Cimage.

Interactive commands :

Key 'q' quit
Key 'h' help
Key 'a' toggle all/single display
Key 'b' toggle background image
Key 'c' toggle current curve display
Key 'e' toggle extremal points (-e option)
Key 'g' switch grid mode (-g option)
Key 'k' change current curve index
Key 'm' toggle motion
Key 'n' toggle curve index display
Key 'p' toggle display style (-d option)
Key 's' symmetrize y axis (-s option)
Key 'u' unzoom ×2
Left Arrow go Left
Right Arrow go Right
Up Arrow go Up
Down Arrow go Down
Page Up previous curve.
Page Down next curve.
Mouse Left button select a curve
Mouse Middle button restore the original display region
Mouse Right button zoom ×2, centered at mouse origin

$ \bigcirc$See Also

ccputstring, disc, fcrop.

$ \bigcirc$Version 2.3

Last Modification date : Tue Apr 8 00:34:21 2003

$ \bigcirc$Author

Lionel Moisan

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