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$ \bigcirc$Name

make_cfmovie Make a very simple color movie (as a demo of movie use)

$ \bigcirc$Command Synopsis

make_cfmovie [-s size] cfmovie_out

-s size : size of each square image

cfmovie_out : output movie

$ \bigcirc$Function Summary

Cfmovie make_cfmovie (size , Output )

int *size ;

Cfmovie Output ;

$ \bigcirc$Description

This module provides a very simple demo for how to use the Cfmovie memory format. It generates a movie of 20 images showing a square changing its color and moving from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner.

$ \bigcirc$Version 1.0

Last Modification date : Thu Nov 29 20:23:56 2001

$ \bigcirc$Author

Jacques Froment

mw 2004-05-05